Eroids Reviews:

All in all this product work very well for me always pleased with the results. This is deffinitely best part of my life. Been on 4 iu a day (2iu pre workout/2iu pre bad). First at all I've noticed that my mood becomes more and more better from day to day , very pleased with this! Sleep is excellent , that's very important cuz I haven't good deep sleep for almost year and now it's gone ... just amazing. Strength is increasing , BF - lower. Definitely will order more!
So I ran these a little differently. I wanted to experiment and see if it was possible to make growth hormone anabolic as a stand alone ( with gear obviously). I ran my cycle for a little over a month before adding these so I knew the kinda results I was getting muscle wise from the gear and current gh protocol i was using. I kept running my omnitrope everyday 2.25ius am 2.25ius pm and what I did was added 6ius of these directly post workout Intramuscular for the fastest absorption 4 days a week. I lift 5 days a week so i used them every day except back day as its a genetic strong point for me and I have no trouble with it growing. My thought was the large dose would cause a huge surge in igf-1 post workout directly when I need it to help shuttle nutrients and promote further anabolism. I would say it worked pretty damn well. In my past experience GH on its own not used in this manor ( small doses all day for example or any other protocol) has really only been good for fat loss and a more 3D look. But cant say those dosing protocols ever did much for muscle growth. But my 5 week run with this protocol really worked well. I noticed my chest really filled out alot in this short time frame. My arms were and have always been very stubborn but they finally started to grow at a decent pace. I added over a half inch which for me in a 5 weeks is crazy. Its hard to explain but its almost like they took on a different shape, really hard and vascular look. Delts are really popping now. My stubborn calves grew a half inch. Theyre still pathetic though lol. But they had plateaued a while back and the only thing I changed was adding this gh protocol. So overall I was very pleased with this little experiment. The kits are cheap enough I plan on grabbing another one and save it for the next time I hit a wall. I cant give and exact net gain in muscle as I lost alot of fat while gaining muscle but everyone keeps telling me how much bigger and leaner I look.
Next thing I noticed was an increase in fat loss. I was steadily and slowly losing fat with my 4.5ius of omnis but it really accelerated when I added the novotops. Based off the mirror and bf calipers most of the fat loss came off my abdominal section which is always the hardest part for me to get rid of. So I was really happy about that. I also noticed some pretty significant strength gains especially in my pressing exercises. Like I said I was on cycle for over a month before this so I knew how fast I was gaining strength and it really picked up during the 5 weeks on this gh. Maybe It was just coincidence but It I dont think so. It was pretty noticeable. I didnt notice any negative side effects while running these. Ive never really gotten sides from gh anways unless theyre chinese generics. Never with pharm grade gh. I had no cts, no swollen hands or feet, didnt notice any water retention no welts when injecting. I actually looked really really dry and hard the entire time. Vascular as all hell. My nails and hair were already growing at a very accelerated pace cause I was already on gh but when I was on this it was ridiculous. It was crazy how fast they were growing. Last, the vials looked incredibly professional, perfect tight pucks. Based off the lack of sides and the gains I made I would say they did not lie when they said it was pharm grade quality.
Novotrop is very qualitative product , no doubts this gh must be here. Use it on low doses on 2iu a day. And I felt more vivid dreams , I'm in a good mood , skin recovery is great. Nails are growing quickly and other side effects which you expecting from high quality product. I felt that this is professionals once I emailed them , if you know what I mean , not only product good also communication , service and etc in complex , this guys deserved much more votes here , as for me. So good luck guys hope you'll be #1 soon! :)
This has been a very good experience, I could comment on and on but I'll stick to what's important. The fat loss was incredible. Nothing changed in my diet as a matter of fact and the more effort towards calorie counting and keeping my meals clean it I contributed it seemed to really enhance the fat loss, but if I missed a meal and ate shit ( let's call it what it is ) I didn't seem to add tons of fat and set me way back. This growth was excellent in that regard. I was taking 5 iu in the morning for 5 days and I'd take 2 days off. I was trying this to see if it made a difference in how the growth was up taking, didn't want to plateau. Breaking it up seem to help effectiveness as well as to not waste injections needlessly. For the first time in my life I was getting abs while taking this growth and I was still keeping calories high, at 5 iu with enough time I believed I would begin making gains of the consistent dose which if bodybuilding is your intent then growth needs to be ran for the long term. Veins on my shoulders and forearms that I didn't have before accompanied the cycle of growth I was taking. It looks awesome when you train and the just bulge all over, you know you're getting that blood in the muscle group your focusing on when the pump is enhanced much more than before. A tight waist with a full upper body turns heads and win shows. I just like the fact that my diet can get sloppy ( only rarely ) on those long days at work and it wouldn't destroy my physique. On this growth by doing some am cardio and cleaning up my eating habit for a week or so I was leaned way down and abs could be seen again which I've come to love. I have to get the greatest benefit of this growth though- NO SIDES. On other growth the carpel tunnel was almost unbearable at only 4 iu, here I was running 5 and thought I wasn't responding till I seen my waist just absolutely shrink and start to shred. That's incredible to me because honestly those sides tend interfere with my daily activity, think if it hurts to grip then it sucks trying to perform your daily job. This growth neither made constantly fatigued either, 4 hrs sleep and I was right as rain I would wake up early constantly and could easily train in the am where as I'm sluggish in the past, I was focused and rested now. I've read its due to the REM sleep real growth induces and you will get some great sleep which no ones mentions much but thats where the real muscle building happens. Give the body the building blocks it needs and this growth will assist in putting you in that deep sleep you need each night where the body does the most repairing which in turn is more tissue added. I could have broke up this dose to keep blood levels constant but my focus is the fat loss and the early morning pumps from it, I've since added IGF-Lr3 post workout in the evening for the growth effect.
Additional commentary I believe that good growth coupled with IGF Lr3 during your off cycle from gear will keep your making quality gains and help you to not lose your mind when those few pounds from your cycle go away. Growth causes that cell creation and gear enlarges the cell, at the doses I run I find this very affordable add on and beneficial. I recommend shopping here!